Entry 7 (See other entries below) Seamus Mc Goldrick. You might remember the name and Irish legend from last years Nomad Big Wave Awards where he tackled a Mullaghmore bomb. Well since that clip Shambles, as he’s more commonly known as has had a tough time. In 2016 the Irish charger was rushed to hospital after a […]

We kick off the 2016/17 Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Awards presented by Emerald Bodyboarding specialists with one of the worlds best big wave locations. Becoming comfortable with the infamous step Sam Thomas is no stranger to big pits down in his home state in Tasmansia at the infamous Shipsterns Bluff. Growing up in one of […]

What a team up. Michael Novy takes on some of the most amazing waves seen at The Right, The Box, Blackrock and Iluka. This clip shows his all round ability to adapt to any size wave from maxing Right to pushy IIluka. It’s a must watch. Filmed by some of the best in the business – James Strickland, […]